Printed Journals

Published Continually Since 1950. Currently Printed Bi-annually, with a Spring and Fall Volume.

The lifeblood of the Brushfire is our printed journal. Since 2008, each small book has consisted of 64 full-color pages featuring around 30 writers and 35 artists. With every iteration of the Brushfire, we strive to represent the diversity, originality, and interests of our community, as well as craft a thematic narrative that runs through the entire journal.

As of Fall 2022, the page count increased to 76 full-color pages as a way to celebrate the 75th anniversary edition. The Brushfire is so excited to announce that the larger page count is here to stay–76 carefully curated pages of art, poetry, and prose!

Here is an online archive of some of our previous volumes. Alternatively, you can read them on Issuu.

The Brushfire staff is currently working on uploading all our print versions into digital copies. Soon, all the Brushfires will be available online!

Edition 76, Volume 2

Spring 2024

Edition 76, Volume 1

Fall 2023

Edition 75, Volume 2

Spring 2023

Edition 75, Volume 1

Fall 2022

Black Lives Matter

Zine 2020

Edition 74, Volume 2

Spring 2022

Edition 74 Volume 1

Fall 2021

Edition 73, Volume 2

Spring 2021

Edition 73, Volume 1

Fall 2020

Edition 72 Volume 2

Spring 2020

Edition 72 Volume 1

Fall 2019