This edition of the Brushfire was published in Spring 2024.

From Editor’s Note:

        Throughout my time at Brushfire, one thing has remained constant: the need to justify the existence of literature and art publications. We are currently funded by the ASUN, who largely misunderstands the function journals like Brushfire provide for universities and cities at large. Why do we need funding? Why do we need to pay for printing? Why do we need to exist at all? Out of all the student services that ASUN funds, a literature and arts journal may seem like an unnecessary luxury. However, Brushfire provides one of the most important civic functions: inspiring sympathy. In a divisive culture, it is the ultimate sympathetic practice to support Brushfire (and other publications) because in the process of reading and creating we broaden our understanding of ourselves and others. We become more compassionate because, through these words and visuals, we understand new perspectives on the human experience

        Nothing could be truer for this edition of Brushfire which encapsulates the complete circle of life in all of its frustrating grotesqueness and heartfelt transcendence. I hope that this journal provides insights into your life so that you can take care of yourself and others. I hope that you laugh and cry and slam the book in frustration. I hope that you tear the pages out and hang them on your wall. I hope you memorize a poem and recite it to yourself when you are in need of answers.  Most importantly, I hope that you learn and share what you have learned with others. We print this journal because it is meant to be shared, so when you have finished it, pass it along to your friends and family because everyone could benefit from a little sympathy.

Abigail MacDiarmid, Executive Editor (Spring 2024)