This edition of the Brushfire was published in Fall 2023.

From Editor’s Note:

It has been my great honor to serve as Brushfire’s executive editor for the past three volumes. Working at a student publication alongside other student media organizations and our talented contributors has been one of the highlights of my college experience. It’s heartening to see people create what they love, and sharing art is, I believe, the greatest way we come to understand one another. As I graduate and leave Reno, I can only hope to engage in similar creative spaces, but that might be difficult—what we have at UNR and within the broader Reno community is truly special.

So I implore you (after, of course, reading this volume come to cover!) to sit down and make something. Write, draw. Put pen to paper and go wild. It’ll be fun, I promise.

Then take a chance and show someone what you made. This might seem closer to ‘daunting’ than ‘fun’, but again, I’ll make you a promise: Art doesn’t need an audience, but choosing to share what you create will be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.

—Phoebe Coogle, Executive Editor (Fall 2022-Fall 2023)