This edition of the Brushfire was published in Fall 2022.

From Editor’s Note:

“Time moves on… bear with me—I know that sounds cliche! 

But time and turbulence are universal constants in this vast and uncertain sea of life. Undoubtedly, all of us can recognize how change descends rapidly, no matter how determined we are to keep things the same. With this comes a certain human need to render the fleeting moment permanent through art. A small mark on the world saying “I’ve been here!” manifests in drawings upon ancient cave walls as surely as it does graffiti on multi-million dollar bridges. 

So what happens when art contemplates time? Well, that strange inception seems a fitting playground for the first volume of Brushfire’s 75th edition. Having seen so many changes since its creation in 1950, UNR’s oldest literature and arts journal celebrates a milestone publication while, at its heart, remaining dedicated to sharing artwork, stories, and student voices. 

The pieces compiled in this volume are a wonderful testament to the human capacity for persistence throughout life’s uncertainties. Each contemplates growth, aging, and what it means to reflect on a life long-lived, well-lived, short-lived, or some strange combination of all three. 

I hope as you spend time reading about time, you’ll come away reassured that change isn’t a negative thing. It’s daunting, thinking of all those ticking clocks and chances that will never come again, but moving backward isn’t only counterintuitive, it’s impossible. There’s only the path forward into whatever challenging excitement the future holds. 

Without further ado, it is my absolute pleasure to serve as Brushfire’s new Editor-in-Chief and present to you Edition 75.

—Phoebe Coogle, Editor-in-Chief