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Artist Spotlight

Sara Thacker

By May 20, 2019January 10th, 2022No Comments

Sara Thacker is our cover artist for the newest edition of Brushfire! Sara started sketching in middle school and then started up again when she was in her twenties. In her thirties, she began painting and perfecting her pencil art. She loves art because of how many avenues there are to approach a piece: various materials, additives, and digital manipulation can create entirely unique and different pieces. She’s found great enjoyment from a style of painting called pouring, which consists of mixing acrylic paint with some type of pouring medium and then applying it to the canvas to create an almost marble-like texture. Sara has had her paintings on display in various art galleries throughout Reno, and one day would be interested in opening her own gallery. A fun fact about Sara is that she is a sucker for a good gummy bear candy!