Krisna Balalong


Krisna Balalong is a UNR undergraduate student studying English Language & Linguistics with a minor in World History. Published in our most recent journal for her piece “Dirty Habits”, her poem encapsulates the insecurities she had during the time she wrote the poem. Krisna likes to explore vulnerability and insecurity in her work, and in her own words, she finds a “certain type of beauty in sadness”. Her work include painting, writing, and creating bullet journals. One thing people might not know about her? She only eats the lemon flavored Starbursts and Skittles! Check Krisna out on Instagram @mimzypaints.

Painting of a Puppy
Painting of Multicolored Tulips
Water color painting of San Francisco Building
Painting of multiple Sunflowers
sketch of flowers in white pencil on a black background